Ideally, Baptism takes place in the parish where you live and worship.

Baptisms here in Milltown are held on the first Sunday of the month at 12.45p.m.

At Sunday Mass the week before the Baptism parents are invited to  present their child to the faith community and the celebrant will welcome each child with the Sign of the Cross.

Our Baptismal Team offer support at this Mass  as well as through a Baptism preparation meeting the previous Monday. This usually takes place at 8.00 p.m. in the Parish Pastoral Centre.

For further information, or to receive a Baptismal Application Form contact the Parish Office at (01) 2680041.


After the 10.00a.m. Mass on Saturday or by arrangement


The Eucharist is celebrated on Monday – Saturday at 10.00am.
Mass on Sunday is celebrated on Saturday evenings at 6.00pm ( vigil), Sunday morning at
10.00am and 11.30am and in the evening at 5.30pm.
Holy Days: for Mass times please consult the Parish Office/ Weekly Newsletter/Website

First communion and Confirmation.

To make an appointment with the priest in the parish regarding your First communion and Confirmation., please call the priest (01) 2196600


To make an appointment with the priest in the parish regarding your wedding, please call the priest . At least 3 months notice is required. For Marriage Preparation/ Pre-Nuptial papers  (01) 2196600

Holy Orders

Find out more at or Vocations Ireland


If you would like a priest to visit you or to receive Holy Communion from a Minister of  the Eucharist,   please contact the priest at (01) 2196600 or the  parish office at (01) 2680041