Prayers Related to Corona Virus

We bring our needs and prayers before our heavenly Father

  1. We pray for our world at this time

Lord grant healing and comfort to those who are afflicted by the Coronavirus.

We pray for our health professionals, our carers, and clergy who are working with those who are sick.

Lord protect them and strengthen them as they care in your name.

  1. We pray for our civil leaders

Lord inspire them to make wise decisions in these days.

  1. We pray for our Scientists

Lord enlighten them as they work to understand what is happening – guide their work as they strive to find ways to treat and protect us.


  1. We pray for those who are anxious in these days

Lord ease their fears and grant them the consolation of your presence.


  1. We pray for those who suffer in any way at this time – the poor, the hungry, the homeless – those who suffer from persecution, war, violence – those who are depressed, lonely or sad.

Lord help them in their need.


  1. We pray for our families and friends – Lord protect them and look after them.



  1. We pray for a spirit of charity among our fellow country men and women.

Lord, at this time of national crisis, help the people of Ireland to be generous and to look out for and care for each other.


  1. We pause to pray for our own private intentions.

We pray for our loved ones who have died. Lord enfold them ever more closely in your loving embrace.

Father, we ask you to hear these our prayers which we make in faith and love and trust through Christ our Lord. Amen.